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Welcome to HWS eLearning Portal Launcher

At Hiltop Web Solutions, we are committed to taking off you the hassles, frustrations, confusions and the many daunting mental and technical barriers associated with creating, launching and maintaining a scalable, secure, interactive and profit-oriented eLearning Portal environment that your students will love.

Many can build a website but only a company that understands eLearning trends can build you an Online Course Portal that caters for the future without compromising today’s needs. And Hiltop Web Solutions (HWS) is that company.

What Is An eLearning Portal?

An eLearning Portal, also called a Learning Management System (LMS) or an Online Course Website, is virtual environments that allows for the hosting of courses and resources of varying media formats that facilitates teaching and learning online. In simple terms, it is a system that allows for the running and attending of school on the internet.

Teachers or Instructors can prepare their lessons once, go to bed or the gym and have their students access these lessons anytime as if the teachers were online right in front of the students.

An eLearning Portal gives both the teacher and the student freedom to get things done at their time, scale up income and increase the sphere of influence of the teacher or school from local to global!

The Foundation of the HWS eLearning Portal Launcher

Unless otherwise requested by you, the foundation of the our eLearning Portal Launcher Program is built on the power of WordPress and LearnDash LMS.

After years of research, testing, development and deployment of eLearning Solutions, our team of experts have come to the conclusion that WordPress + LearnDash offers the best solution for an eLearning Portal.

WordPress is the most popular Open Source Content Management System available on the planet; earth. It has a huge community support and has readily available softare or plugins to extend the functionality of its websites as you may ever need – whenever you need it.

LearnDash is the world’s most trusted and most trusted LMS Plugin available in the WordPress ecosystem. It integrates pretty well with a lot more plugins than you will ever need!

WordPress + LearnDash with a suite of other plugins we have handpicked woven together by our team of eLearning Portal Development experts, you are sure to own a portal you will be overly satisfied with.

Who Should Have An eLearning Website/Portal?

  •   A Coach/Counselor: Having an eLearning website will dramatically transform the way your coaching business works. Rather than being limited to taking on two to three coaching clients/students at a time, you can take on hundreds to thousands at a time even while you sleep using on-demand personalized content.
  •   A Teacher: Are you a teacher who struggles to do extra time after school with his/her students just to help them catch up? Hey, you do not have to lose your life just to get this done. We can build you a student friendly eLearning Website to which you can grant your students access for after school study. This will free you up a lot of time to do other productive and or relaxing activities while still delivering value to your students.
  •   A Pastor: Why not take your Bible School or Training Arm online? Too many people who should take those classes for their growth are behind because their day jobs aren’t flexible enough to afford them the time to attend physical sessions. This is freedom for boundless impact!
  •   A School Owner: Stand out from the crowd by offering your students a supplementary after school virtual classroom for onward learning and development – curricular and extra-curricular training can be done online!
  •   Companies/Businesses: Do you find it hard trying to use work hours for training your employees or team members? This should not be you! You can create your training once, have them hosted in the amazing portal we will deliver to you and your people will take the training at their time.

    Best of all, you can track everyone’s progress or even have departmental heads track the progress of their team members. Even more, you can train and onboard your clients with the online portal so you do not have to deploy employees to burn man hour in accomplishing the same goal! Awesome, right?

  •   Training Organizations: You work hard getting corporate and individual clients to train with you but often, they keep deferring their enrollment because of they usually have it busy during the day. Now, you can take your training online so they can learn at their most convenient time. Corporate members will be able to buy bulk licenses to your course(s), enroll their team and track individual team member’s progress.
  •   Everyone: Whether you are Gym Instructor, a Keyboardist, a Graphics Designer, Bead Maker, Fashion Designer or just a regular person who has a message or lesson that could impact others, having an online training portal will give you the freedom to get the world out and to teach people all over the world without the limitation that comes with physical training programs. You create your course once and sell it forever.
Now, you know that just about anyone can own and leverage the power of eLearning to get in more clients/students, generate more revenue than previously possible, make borderless impact and gain more time to do the things that they love.

Want to discuss your project and get a work through from us? Then, …

Our Top 5 Themes For LearnDash

  •   Boss Social Learner with its LearnDash integrations: Built for Social Learning.
  •   BuddyBoss Theme with The Platform: Built for Social Learning.
  •   Divi: A Multipurpose theme with a page builder that integrates amazingly with LearnDash LMS.
  •   Astra: A Multipurpose theme that integrates pretty well with LearnDash.
  •   eLumine: Built with LearnDash in mind.

Benefits of Having Us Build You An eLearning Portal

  •     We Know eLearning and have over 100 successfully built and deployed eLearning Portals to our credit! You want to leverage our years of experience to get up and running quickly.
  •     We offer a Secure Hosting Environment.
  •     No Lock Ins. We use WordPress, an Open Source Platform. So, you have nothing to worry about if you ever decide to move your website out of our hosting environment. But if you prefer a different platform like Moodle, Joomla or even a custom coded portal, we also equal to the task.
  •     We offer regular maintenance and updates services.
  •     You get a web portal optimized for speed, ease of access and navigation, SEO ready, Google Analytics, and can handle unlimited number of students.
  •     We include social networking features such as private messaging, course discussion groups, friends’ connections, etc to allow your students interact – that is if you would like to include these features!
  •     Except you prefer otherwise, we utilize the power of the LearnDash LMS plugin to build your system. We know this plugin; what it can do, how it works and can even extend the functionality beyond its core functions.
  •     Dedicated support

What Our Clients Say…

Hear from real people that have experienced the quality of our work and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Plugins Suite

LearnDash LMS
+ LearnDash ProPanel
+ Free LearnDash Add-Ons
Our Choicest Page Builders
  •     Divi Builder
  •     WPBakery Visual Composer
  •     Beaver Builder
  •     Elementor
  •     Thrive Architect
Handpicked Free Plugins
  •     BuddyPress
  •     bbBpress
  •     WP Mail SMTP by WPForms
  •     CB Mail Sender
  •     Wordfence Security
  •     Yoast SEO
  •     GamiPress + Its Add-Ons for LearnDash and BuddyPress
  •     Duplicate Post
  •     Postman SMTP
Some Other Paid Plugins
  •     BuddyBoss Wall
  •     Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  •     Gravity Forms (Basic + Advanced Add-Ons)
  •     AffiliateWP + Pro Add-Ons
  •     PDF Embedder Premium Secure
  •     S3
  •     Media Maestro
  •     Pretty Link Pro
  •     WP Rocket
  •     The Events Calendar
  •     Updraft Plus Premium
HWS eLearning Portal Launcher Extras
  •     Custom Course Sales Page Template
  •     Custom Course Page Template
  •     Custom Blog Posts Archive Page
  •     Custom Single Blog Posts Template
  •     Custom Course Category Page Template
  •     Custom Blog Posts Category Template
  •     Custom Styling of Module/Lesson Video Player
  •     Custom Webinar Replay Archives Page
  •     Custom Webinar Replay Page Template
  •     A Lot More…
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